Notary Bonds

Notary Bonds

What is a notary bond?

Notary publics, the regional government body in charge of overseeing notary activities in the notary's territory, and a surety firm are all parties to legally binding agreements known as notary bonds.

As the obligee, the government body sets the rules that the authorized notary (the Principal) must abide by. The bond that ensures the notary's performance is issued by the surety, commonly known as the bonding firm. 

What is the purpose of a notary bond?

Most states demand notary bonds in order to qualify for a notary commission and work as a licensed public notary. The local secretary of state is often the governmental institution that mandates notaries post surety bonds.

The state agency receives a guarantee from the surety firm when it issues the bond that the clients of a licensed notary will be compensated for monetary losses brought on by a violation of the laws and rules outlined in the notary license.

The surety will make restitution up to the bond amount if the notary public breaches the conditions imposed by the regulatory body. The surety business must be paid back for any damages paid under the bond since the notary is legally responsible for the losses and must do so.

In addition to their bond, notaries have the option to carry errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance) to safeguard themselves from mistakes made during routine notarization.

What is the cost of a notary bond?

The price of a notary surety bond varies depending on the bond's total value and premium rate. The surety firm decides your premium rate, which is the portion of the total bond amount you pay as the premium, and the state agency sets the necessary bond amount.

Bond premiums often fall between $40 and $50. Most states do not check credit when issuing notary bonds, so having negative credit will not result in higher bond rates.

Nevada offers premiums as low as $35.

Texas offers premiums as low as $45.

Missouri offers premiums as low as $50.

Most popular Notary Bonds

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  • Nebraska Notary Bonds
  • Nevada Notary Bonds
  • North Dakota Notary Bonds
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  • Texas Notary Bonds
  • Utah Notary Bonds
  • Washington Notary Bonds

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